Thursday, August 25, 2016

Check or Uncheck all CheckBoxes in an ASP.NET GridView using jQuery

var $headerCheckBox = $('.headerSelectAll input[type="checkbox"]');
        var $childCheckBox = $('.childSelect input[type="checkbox"]');
        $($headerCheckBox).change(function () {
            $childCheckBox.each(function () {
                this.checked = $headerCheckBox[0].checked;

        $($childCheckBox).change(function () {
            // if any of the checkbox is unchecked
            // check all checkbox should be cleared
            if (!$(this).is(':checked')) {
            else {
                // if all of the checkbox is checked
                // check all checkbox should be checked
                if ($childCheckBox.length == $childCheckBox.filter(':checked').length) {
                    $headerCheckBox[0].checked = true;


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